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Local Business Website

New Local Business Design 

This was for a local mobile welding company a small simple build that is already ranking on the first page for numerous keywords locally. Great working with local companies to help them succeed every step of the way.

We launched this site in one week and it has really taken off. This may be a re-design down the road as the site gains more and more momentum. This is something we love doing as well is re-designs. Just like anything the markets change and so do the customers I adapt with the times.  

Tribute Band Website Design

George Strait Tribute Band Design and Launch

This was an add on site for a tribute band to George Strait. Came out great was starting to take off great before the pandemic, but he is still getting calls and they all enjoy the site greatly. We also connected this to facebook page for events and such so he can update without ever logging into the website.

We can connect any social media account with API’s so it will grab from their and automatically put on your website for you. Makes for a more hands off approach with managing your website so you can focus more on your customers and brand loyalty.

Social Media Blog Project

Starting this up in 2018 with a combination Website and Social Media Management

This is one of our earlier sites where we managed to not only setup their organic growth to 3k+ month unique visitors we also managed to grow their Facebook Fan Page to 40k+ follower and also their instagram to 25k+ followers.

This was a huge success overall. The page has gone somewhat dormant as I believe they are enjoying their organic traffic much more then utilizing the limited capabilities of facebook fan pages and instagram.

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